Hello, I'm Tricia...

Meet Tricia x Trixie = @trixiatt

A high school dropout raised in the school of hard knocks. This self-made scrapper started her fashion buying career at the age of 19 and opened her first art + clothing boutique in 2005 called Neo Trash (YBOR CITY/Tampa, FL) - the original CLR-MNSTR. 

Hyper-focused on being ‘the best or die''...This Shaolin obsessed fempreneur is as bubbly and enthusiastic as that perky cheerleader in high school that you loved to hate and as chill as that dude you smoked J's with under the bleachers. 

If she's not obsessively trying to master a new skillset, you'll find her rolling deep with a gang of puppies and hopping around reciting lyrics of the Wu-Tang Clan to anyone that will listen.  

For Tricia, it's about the simple things in life; white sneakers, self help books, whiskey and a required spice level of 25 that will melt your heart.