Jeanne Marie Mosaics

I am just a schlep from North city born in 1955, who later lived in South city for many, many years. I've lived through the highlights and low times of the city of St. Louis, and of my life. 

My first mosaic was Jesus on black construction paper with colored egg shells. This was done in kindergarten. I still have it displayed in my studio to this day.

My second mosaic was created from a kit I had in the 1960's and was made with real tile and grout. Sorry to say, I don't have this one. 

When viewing things, objects, life, I see pieces and parts of a puzzle...and that is how my brain works.

No formal art education. 

I started working on mosaics around 2003, I guess.  Just made it up as I went.  When I read about techniques of other mosaic artists and forms, I use different products and ways of designing. I am in love with tile........